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Want higher throughput in your single-cell projects?

Many researchers are held back from higher throughput in their single-cell projects, because of the high workflow cots, but with the new scRNA kit from Scale Bioscience you can achieve an output of 125,000 cells per run at a fraction of the cost.

Scale Bioscience leverages the cell as the reaction compartment to carry out three levels of combinatorial indexing, generating >3.5M unique combinations. Design is flexible: process between 1-96 samples per run.

The scRNA kit enables unprecedented sample multiplexing, cell throughput, and transcriptomic profiling of cells. Read the flyver for more information about the scRNA kit.  

Want to SCALE your products and expand your research?

Please contact our product specialist for more information. 

You can also read more about Scale Bioscience and their technology at our supplier site.

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