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Universal Sequencing Technology

Universal Sequencing Technology (UST) is dedicated to the development of the most advanced cost-effective DNA sequencing technologies. UST has recently developed a technology that has has completely changed the scope of what a short-read sequencer can do.

TELL-SEQ™ Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) Library Prep Kit


Our new supplier Universal Sequencing Technology developed an innovative NGS library prep kit, called TELL-Seq™.

- Enables 2nd generation short-read sequencing platforms, such as Illumina sequencers, to produce Super long-read results for molecules up to 200 kb. Using UST TELL-Seq’s Transposase-based linked read library prep kit technology.

- WGS library can be prepared in a single PCR tube in only 3 hours with our UST TELL-Seq library kit and an Illumina sequencer.

- You can now do de novo sequencing (microbial, animals/plants/insects, etc.), metagenomics analysis, whole-genome phasing, and structural variation detection as well as phased whole-exome and targeted sequencing.

- Ultra-Low DNA input: 0.1-0.5 ng for microbial and target gene panels, 3-5 ng for human genome.

- UST TELL-Seq are a strong alternative to Oxford Nanopore and PacBio and gives as well significant cost savings!

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