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The BioXp™ 3250 system from Telesis Bio, provides hands-free, end-to-end automation of DNA assembly, cloning, amplification, and mRNA synthesis in a single overnight run. Telesis Bio also provides high-quality reagent solutions backed by Gibson Assembly® technology.

Powering the future with synthetic biology 

Telesis Bio is empowering researchers to accelerate the creation of novel synthetic biology solutions to address some of humanity’s greatest challenges. With our breakthrough automation solutions for biological synthesis and expertise in DNA biology, we enable rapid, accurate, and reproducible writing of DNA and mRNA for wide-ranging biological applications. 

Around the world, innovators are leveraging Telesis Bio technology to overcome current bottlenecks in synthetic biology workflows and advance the discovery of cutting-edge solutions for health and technology. Telesis Bio plays a part in several pioneering advances of our customers and collaborators ranging from novel infectious disease vaccines, precision immunotherapy for cancer and antibody therapeutics to the creation of engineered meat substitutes and sustainable cellular agricultural products. 

Read more about the BioXp™ system here.

The BioXp workflow

Enjoy the freedom of controlling your timelines with the BioXp™ system. Simply order through the online portal, and everything you need will be shipped to you within only 3-5 days. Load the instrument with the provided labware and press start. Collect your constructs the next day. 

It’s as simple as that!

Read more about the BioXp™ workflow here.

To learn more about the BioXp™ system, please contact our local Product Specialists.

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