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TargetMol Chemicals Inc., headquartered in Boston, specializes in research chemicals and compound libraries for global clients in over 50 countries. They provide a wide range of products including inhibitors, activators, and peptides, and offer customized services like computer-aided drug design and chemical synthesis.

TargetMol Chemicals Inc. is headquartered in Boston, MA, and specializes in products and services that serve the research needs of chemical and biological scientists worldwide. With a client base in 50+ countries, TargetMol has evolved into one of the biggest global research suppliers for compound libraries and small molecule compounds.

TargetMol diligently updates and offers over 200 types of compound libraries and a wide range of high-quality research chemicals, including inhibitors, activators, natural products, peptides, antibodies , and novel life-science kits for laboratory and scientific use. In addition, our lab allows us to conduct CADD (computer-aided drug design) and chemical synthesis to meet the customization needs of our clients.

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