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Nonacus, pioneering manufacturer of genetic testing products for precision medicine. Nonacus have an entire product portfolio of novel pre-analytical and NGS solutions in the fields of prenatal healthcare, oncology and constitutional genetics.

Nonacus, pioneering manufacturer of genetic testing products for precision medicine. 
Nonacus have an entire product portfolio of novel pre-analytical and NGS solutions in the fields of prenatal healthcare, oncology and constitutional genetics.
Very easy and affordable custom panels

Do you need an NGS panel that is specific to your clinical or research requirements?

Complete design control
Our online software means you can create a panel design, get target coverage information and request a quote in minutes.
Flexible input files
From BED files, gene lists or genomic coordinates, our Panel Design Tool offers various ways to input your regions of interest.
Best in class algorithms
Improve your success rate by leveraging our experience. Maximize on target regions and uniformity of coverage, even on small panels.
Instant design feedback
With no need to wait for design assistance, a panel design submission will generate target coverage and probe information instantly.
Targeted DNA sequencing approaches rely on a successful NGS panel design to provide high on-target rates with good uniformity of coverage, to accurately and robustly call genomic variants with high sensitivity and specificity.

Sample preparation: Sample collection and isolation

In genomic medicine, proper sample preparation is crucial for obtaining accurate and meaningful results, especially when working with low-abundance cell-free DNA (cfDNA) that’s susceptible to contamination by genomic DNA (gDNA).

At Nonacus, we recognize the significance of optimizing the sample preparation process to maximize the yield, purity, and quality of cfDNA. Our specialized solutions, including the Cell3™ Preserver for whole blood collection, and the Cell3 Xtract kit and Bead Xtract kit for cfDNA extraction, have been meticulously designed to overcome these challenges.

By utilizing our collection tubes and advanced sample preparation kits, you can enhance the sensitivity and accuracy of subsequent genetic analyses, unlocking the full potential of cfDNA for precise and insightful genomic analysis.

Oncology Panels

Explore Nonacus innovative NGS solutions which confidently identify mutations down to 0.1% VAF, ushering in a new era of personalized targeted therapies enabling earlier cancer diagnosis, more informed treatment decisions, and hyper-sensitive relapse monitoring.

GALEAS™ Bladder

A comprehensive biomarker test delivering cystoscopy-level accuracy for all grades and stages of bladder cancer from a simple urine sample.

With sensitivity of >90%, GALEAS Bladder offers a non-invasive, sample-to-report, molecular triage for hematuria patients, allowing urologists to make informed decisions as to whether further investigation is required.



A clinically validated panel designed in parallel with variant calling software for comprehensive genomic profiling of solid tumors.

GALEAS Tumor profiles key DNA biomarkers across 519 genes streamlining the detection of SNVs, INDELs, CNVs, TMB and MSI into a single workflow. Cloud-based bioinformatic pipelines enable rapid integration into any laboratory.


GALEAS™ HereditaryPlus

A comprehensive hereditary cancer test with tailored bioinformatics offering a viable option for reducing MLPA.

An expertly curated NGS panel design with coverage of 146 genes with known associations in inherited cancer, GALEAS HereditaryPlus offers full coverage of the UK National Genomics Test Directory and compliant with ESMO/AMP guidelines.


Germline Panels

Next generation sequencing (NGS) panels specifically designed for accurate cytogenetics analysis.

Conventional methods for assessing chromosomal abnormalities associated with germline disorders require multiple tests from FISH and karyotyping, to MLPA and microarrays. Our NGS solutions consolidate these workflows, combining the analysis of SNVs, INDELs and CNVs, into a single assay, saving you time and resources. 





Germline genetics panels

Cell3 Target: Whole Exome Enrichment

Optimize your sequencing efficiency with our Cell3 Target: Whole Exome Enrichment panel.

By capturing 33 Mb of highly-conserved protein-coding regions and 99% of ClinVar variants, you can focus on the most relevant genomic content while reducing sequencing costs.


Cell3 Direct: Fetal RhD Genotyping

The first 'direct from plasma' non-invasive prenatal test for fetal Rhesus D (RhD) genotyping. With no cffDNA extraction required, Cell3 Direct reduces costs and saves time in fetal Rhesus D diagnosis. Targeting sequences specific for exons 5, 7 and 10 of the RhD gene, this kit can distinguish between RhD positive, negative and Psi genotypes in cffDNA.


Cell3 Target: Nexome

Maximize your coverage of clinically relevant targets in coding, and non-coding regions. with our Cell3 Target: Nexome panel.

Validate and run one workflow for all variants including SNVs, INDELs and CNVs in a single, clinical-grade assay with this enhanced whole exome panel.  No matter how challenging, Cell3 Target: Nexome is validated with all DNA types (gDNA, FFPE DNA, cfDNA (cffDNA)).  


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