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Nanoscale imaging has never been easier

The world’s first AFM-on-a-chip


  • Affordable 
  • Powerful 
  • Easy-to-use 
  • Full scans in approximately 1 minute 

Pioneers in AFM 

Founded in 2007, ISCPI designs, manufactures and sells single-chip scanning probe microscopes for educational, research and industrial applications, including failure analysis and quality control. 

Pioneers in nanoscale metrology, the Canadian experts push the boundaries of what is possible in technology by bringing robust, affordable, nanoscale metrology to everyone. 


Making nanoscale imaging easy and accessible 

Famously known for their flagship product, the nGauge, ISCPI has reset the expectations for AFM and nanoscale metrology: all of the scanners and sensors have been integrated onto a single 1 mm x 1 mm CMOS chip, miniaturizing the size, driving down costs, and dramatically simplifying the operation of nanoscale metrology instruments. 


3d nanoscale images in 3 clicks 


Trusted by researchers, scientists, engineers at universities in more than fifteen countries, the nGauge AFM makes it possible to collect nanoscale surface data on benchtops in just three clicks. 


 Et billede, der indeholder pil 
Automatisk genereret beskrivelse


Simple benchtop set-up and plug-and-play operation 


nGauge captures 3D images with 1,000,000x magnification on your benchtop and goes beyond what optical microscopes can see. By zooming into the nanoscale, you can collect quantitative topography data down to the nanometer and up to 10 micrometers. 




Compact size 


Due to its small size, the nGauge offers unprecedented vibration isolation and does not require a vibration isolation table under normal operating conditions.  


Simply plug the nGauge into power and USB and start imaging.


Check out this video for an excellent introduction to AFM and to see how surprising the structure of materials can be in nano- and microscales.   

The nGauge is now available for purchase from Kem-En-Tec Nordic. 

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Get started with a free consultation 


If you are interested in an easy-to-use and affordable benchtop AFM instrument for nanoscale imaging, then the nGauge may be the right solution for you. 


Right now, you can get a free consultation to help you get started with your new instrument.  


Simply contact our Product Specialist, and we will be happy to support you and help you simplify your nanoscale imaging.   

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