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Berthold Technologies-Bioanalytic

Microplate Reders - Luminometers - Radio Isotop Detector - Imaging Systems

Trusted Technology partner

BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES is a worldwide leader in luminescence measuring technology and has provided thousands of luminometers for research and diagnostics.

More than 7 decades of proven and certified manufacturing practice and a history characterized by pioneering innovations, technological progress and strong growth
ensure the high quality of all instruments. 

Headquarters: Bad Wildbad, Germany

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Peter Bedsted Andersen profile picture
Peter Bedsted Andersen Product Specialist: Protein Chemistry & Oceanography
Cristina Battagli profile picture
Cristina Battagli Product Specialist: Diagnostics, Metabolomics, Imaging & Cell Biology
Håkan Rundgren profile picture
Håkan Rundgren Product Specialist: Instruments, Protein chemistry, Cell- and Molecular Biology
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