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Aesku Diagnostics

Experts in autoimmunity

AESKU.GROUP is a research-focused supplier of innovative and efficient products and services for the early detection, diagnosis and prognosis of autoimmune diseases.

With a broad range of products, they cover every need in the areas of Autoimmunity, Infectious Serology, Allergy and food Intolerance

AESKULISA Elisa test kits 

Helios and Helios HTC- Automated IFA systems

  • Full Traceability
  • No darkroom needed
  • Slide processing and reading all on the same platform
  • Powerful integrated image pre-classification tool
  • Standardization of IFA

The Helios HTC with humidity and temperature control (HTC)

Having consistent humidity and temperature helps laboratories improve the accuracy and reproducibility of their results. The add-on also enables testing with a wide range of automated infectious disease substrates, including EBV, HSV, Adenovirus, and Borrelia.

The final appearance of the HTC module may vary in colour and shape depending on the stage of development

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Cristina Battagli Product Specialist: Diagnostics, Metabolomics, Imaging & Cell Biology
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