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Producer of thermocyclers with and without gradients for end-point PCR.

SensoQuest – Highest quality PCR thermocycler
Producer of thermocyclers with and without gradients for end-point PCR. The thermocyclers are of the highest quality, inviting design and very low noise. We offer 5 years of warranty on the instruments!

The Labcycler has a processor-controlled block with separately controlled peltier elements for
 extraordinary temperature homogeneity at high heating and cooling rates.
 State-of-the-art peltier elements have demonstrated more than 600000 cycles so far without any failures. This gives more than 15 years of lifetime even under the most demanding conditions, like DNA-sequencing on a daily basis.
 Two Labcycler can be connected with an RS232 null modem cable. This allows a simple copy of programs or the directory from one device to another. The TFT touch screen in combination with the self-explanatory software is easy to use.
Thermoblock 96
All thermoblocks are processor-controlled gradient-capable blocks with 6 separately controlled peltier elements for extraordinary temperature homogeneity at high heating and cooling rates, and a unique quick block changing system.

  Material: Electroformed gold plated silver

  Heating rate 0.001 – 4.2 °C/s, cooling rate 0.001 – 3.6 °C/s

  Quick block changing system

  All blocks are gradient-capable (± 20 °C)

  Temperature range: Minus 5 °C to plus 99 °C

  Block uniformity: ± 0.3 °C from 20 to 72 °C, ± 0.4 °C at 95 °C

  96 well block; 0.2 ml tubes or 96 well microtiterplates; m
inimal reaction volume 10 µl

  Thermoblocks order no. 012-103

  5 years warranty of all products


Thermocycler 48
The Labcycler 48 contains a thermoblock with 48 wells for 0.2 ml tubes in an array of 6 x 8. SensoQuest

  TFT touchscreen offers a low cost version with aluminium block and an exclusive s-version with gold plated silver block. Working with single tubes and stripes is possible. Temperature programs can be stored in directories that can optionally be protected by passwords up to 64 individual users. Programs can be copied between Labcycler 48 and the bigger Labcyclers Basic and Gradient.

Automatic lid

Optional with 8-zones-gradient

Heating and cooling rate up to 5 °C/s

Temperature and time in(de)crements

Automatic Re-start

Low energy consumption

  Password protection for 64 users

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