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Providing cutting-edge reagents and instruments for Genomics and Protein Electrophoresis. The product portfolio focusses on molecular biology, such as enzymes, kits and ready mixes for RT, PCR, qPCR, DNA Electrophoresis with safe DNA dyes and consumables, Protein electrophoresis with precast PAGE gels, protein marker and stains, as well as nucleic acid purification kits for DNA […]

Nippon Genetics

MIDORI Green Stain

DNA/RNA Stain for agarose gel electrophoresis – A safe and sensitive alternative to EtBr and other DNA stains, providing the same sensitivity using visual light for illumination and which doesn’t intercalate with DNA and is safe to work with and dispose of.


Et billede, der indeholder tekst, monitor, indendørs, skærm

Automatisk genereret beskrivelse

Gel Doc Systems

– Utilizing the unique Blue/green illumination technology providing high sensitive but non-DNA damaging illumination of ALL DNA stains on the market – And safe to work with too.



Blue/Green LED transilluminators – 

For upgrading your existing Gel Doc system or for safe preparative work on RNA/DNA gels.

Mupid Electrophoresis unit 

Compact and including Power supply. 

Et billede, der indeholder tekst

Automatisk genereret beskrivelse

DNA Ladders 

– At attractive prices!

Protein Molecular weight markers

Large selection and attractive prices



Stem Cell Medium for Clinical Research – Stemfit

Recommended by the nobel prize winner Shin’ya Yamanaka “StemFit®, a newly developed Xf-medium, was the best medium for hESC and hiPSC culture with rLN511E8.”

Freezing Media – Bambanker

Optimal Medium for the cryopreservation of cells.

PCR plastics



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