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EuroClone S.p.A.

Euroclone is specialized and have a long experience the field of Cytogenetic analysis. They have developed a perfect combination of media, plastic supports, synchronizing agents, and equipment for pre and postnatal analysis.

Post-natal cytogenetic analysis

Postnatal cytogenetic analysis refers to the karyotyping of samples derived from a variety of tissues: peripheral blood, bone marrow and skin fibroblast.

Peripheral Blood and Bone Marrow Analysis

Chromosome Kit P & Chromosome Medium P 
Complete medium for peripheral blood cultures, supplied in sterile culture tubes or bottles

Chromosome Syncro P Is specifically created to optimize the culture of peripheral blood lymphocytes , and to obtain an extremely efficient cell cycle synchronization for the subsequent chromosomal analysis.

Chromosome Kit M & Chromosome Medium M Complete medium for bone marrow cultures.
The medium is complete and supplied in ready to use culture tube or in bottles.

Chromosome Syncro M ChromosomeSynchro M is specifically created to optimize the culture of bone marrow cells, and to obtain an extremely efficient cell cycle synchronization for the subsequent chromosomal analysis.

Pre-natal cytogenetic analysis

Amniomed ® Smart for pre-natal purposes

A highly specialized medium for in vitro culture, growth of human amniotic fluid cells and chorionic villi biopsy samples used in cytogenetic applications for karyotyping and for FISH purposes. 

As a complete, ready to use medium, it contains all the necessary growth factors, L-glutamine, phenol red, sodium bicarbonate, antibiotics and FBS. 

The innovative formulation provides a more efficient and fast cell attachment and growth, resulting in earlier chromosome analysis, and reduces handling steps and the possibility of contamination.


Optichrome Plus, drying chamber for optimized chromosome preparations

The quality of sample preparations for chromosome analysis depends largely on the environmental conditions in which the final evaporation of the methyl acetate or ethyl acetate fixative takes place. 

The combined effects of temperature and relative humidity have a noticeable effect on the quality of the metaphase.

OptiChrome has been specifically designed to minimize all problems related to those critical parameters, which might be very unstable: it allows the technician to set and control both temperature and humidity, thus defining the ideal working conditions related to a certain protocol.

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