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Biocrates employs a quantitative approach to all their kits and services. Metabolite panels covering a wide range of analytes are selected based on their application to various metabolic-related diseases and fields of study.

The assays from Biocrates employ a mix of isotope-labeled internal standards, external calibration curves and quality control samples to generate quantitative results for every analyte. The quantitative nature allows results to be directly compared with the scientific literature or other studies. 

Having absolute quantification allows for the calculation of the relationships between different metabolites such as sums and ratios of important metabolic indicators.


Biocrates quantitative metabolomics kits - the reliable tool for accurate and precise measurement of specific metabolites in biological samples. 

With a wide range of available analytes and the availability of different assays to fit your research needs the kits are perfect for studies in metabolomics, pharmacokinetics, and disease biomarker discovery. The kits utilize state-of-the-art mass spectrometry-based technology and comes with detailed instructions, as well as technical support from our expert team. Get the data you need to advance your research with quantitative metabolomics. 

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Targeted profiling kits

MxP Quant 500XL: Offers the largest combination of lipids and small molecules for quantitative metabolomics profiling in a single kit. The kit covers more than 1,000 metabolites from various biochemical classes and more than 400 quantifiable metabolism indicators. Get more information

MxP Quant 500: A comprehensive kit for targeted metabolic profiling. With the coverage of up to 630 metabolites from 26 biochemical classes. The kit offers fast turnaround times and reliable quantification of a broad range of metabolites from only 10 ul sample. Get more information.

MxP Quant HR Xpress: The first high throughput solution for broad lipid and metabolic profiling on QExactive. Covers up to 360 metabolites from 11 compound classes. Run time < 12 min/ sample. Get more information.

AbsoluteIDQ p400 HR: For broad lipid and metabolic profiling on QExactive. Covers up to 408 metabolites from 11 compound classes. Get more information.

AbsoluteIDQ p180: The standard in targeted metabolomics with hundreds of published articles. A simple and high throughput tool for basic, clinical, epidemiological research. Covers up to 180 metabolites from different biochemical classes. Get more information.

Pathway specific kits

AbsoluteIDQ Stero17: Provides a ready-to-use standardized solution for quantification of 17 steroids from all five major classes. Get more information.

AbsoluteIDQ Bile Acids: Provides a ready-to-use standardized solution for quantification of  20 bile acids by LC-MS. Get more information. 

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Instrument compatibility  

QMDB – Quantitative Metabolomics Data Base

The QMDB contains metabolite concentration ranges detected in human plasma samples from healthy individuals. Included subjects were undiagnosed of any diseases and therefore are considered a healthy reference. Many filter options are available (including demographics, BMI, lifestyle choices, etc.) to precisely match your reference group of interest.

QMBD is based on MxP Quant 500 and AbsoluteIDQp180 assay data.

Discover the Data Base

WebIDQ workflow manager

WebIDQ is biocrates new cloud based, metabolomics workflow management and data processing software. With an intuitive user interface, WebIDQ guides users from sample registration through quantification and reporting. Building on the proven functionality of MetIDQ software, WebIDQ is designed specifically for cloud environment making data analysis efficient from every device. New features such as automated peak picking and MetaboINDICATOR extensions make this software the go-to companion for quantitative metabolomics.

A WebIDQ subscription is needed to run biocrates kits and to process kit-generated data.

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Applications (overview)


Nutrition & wellbeing 


Infectious diseases 

Pharma patient management 

Pharma development

Epidemiology & biobanks 

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