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We believe that process of Imaging should be easy and safe. It should also be easy to choose the right imaging system from the many systems and options there are to choose from.
We have 30 years experience with imaging – Our local product specialists will guide you in the process – Feel free to call or send an E-mail. We love to help.
Gel Documentation
The New solution – No EtBr – Same sensitivity!
The revolutionary NEW FAS-V system with Blue-Green excitation offers you the same sensitivity as you get from UV.
With both EtBr and the safestain Midori Green DNA FAS-V offers similar sensitivity and relief you of the DNA damaging effect of UV radiation – both for you (no safety equipment necessary) and your DNA.
FastGene visualization products are small and inexpensive instruments designed for rapid visualization and image capture. They are all compatible with Midori Green, SYBR and other safe dyes and EtBr.
  • FastGene GelPic LED Box – The one and only portable GelDoc system with state of the art LED technology (blue and white light) and highest resolution of your gel pictures 
  • FastGene Blue LED illuminator – new LED based illuminator for the detection of DNA/RNA molecules. Blue light LEDs are as sensitive as UV light but they won’t damage the DNA separated in an agarose gel and protect your skin and eyes
  • FastGene UV illuminator – For the detection of DNA, stained with Ethidium Bromide, UV-Transilluminators are still the first choice
  • PrepOne Sapphire and imagecatcher – First-of-its-kind blue LED light box that allows you to visualize and cut out the DNA bands without a protective mask, shield or filter obstructing your access to the gel. Its oblique illumination design features a light source that enters the gel from the side, hence exciting the fluorescent dye enough so you can see the bands with the naked eye without over-saturating the background of the gel.

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