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Environmental Monitoring

Kem-En-Tec Nordic A/S has specialized in the measurement of factors with relevance for water quality and flow systems.

We offer instruments for measuring parameters like pH, Oxygen, Salinity with specialty in Fluorescent detection of algal pigments, tracer dyes, oil components and naturally occurring fluorescent compounds, and other more exotic substances with relevance for Oceanography and Environmental research.
We are exclusive Scandinavian distributor for Eureka Water Probes, Turner Designs and PME instruments and provide complete solutions coupled with in-depth instrument support. Below is an overview of the instruments we provide:

Submersible instruments:

Cyclops-7F - Compact sensor in multiple optical configurations. Analog output in 3 gains. Designed for integration with logger. For example Handheld logger or submersible logger.

C-FLUOR - Compact sensor in multiple optical configurations. Factory calibrated - analog or digital output. Designed for integration with logger. For example Handheld logger or submersible logger. 

miniDOT - Oxygene sensor/logger - Version with and without LCD screen.

C3 - Multisensor platform - Configured with up to 3 optical sensors

C6P - Multisensor platform - Configured with up to 6 optical sensors 

MANTA+ - Multisensor platform - Wide parameter range, Possibility for battery operation and up to 14 sensors.

miniPAR - Sensor/logger for PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) 

C-Sense - CO2 sensor - Analog output. For integration with logger or use with battery/logger

PhytoFind - In sito Algae classification instrument

Turbidity Plus - Sensor with wiper - Analog output for integration with logger

Submersible loggers  - For Cyclops-7F and C-FLUOR sensors.

Laboratory Fluorometers: 

Trilogy - Touch screen operated fluorormeter for tubes and cuvettes - Plug in modules for a wide range of optical parameters

Field and Handheld Fluorometers:

AquaFluor - Handheld fluorometer for 1 or 2 custom parameters from a wide range of optical flavours.

AquaFlash - Handheld fluorometer for quick and accurate estimations for total chlorophyll and photosynthetic efficiency "health" of algae using in vivo fluorescence detection. 

FluoroSense - Handheld field fluorometer for measuring chlorophyll or phycocyanin (PC) 

CyanoFluor - Handheld instrument for HAB (Harmfull Algael Bloom) detection in the field

Handheld Datalogger - For powering Cyclops-7F or C-FLUOR sensors and logging their data in the field.

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