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We are pleased to introduce LevitasBio to the Nordics

Magnetic levitation is the first truly novel approach to cellular analysis in 30 years. During the last three decades the American experts at LevitasBio have been pushing the boundaries in cellular analysis. With their innovative LeviCell Platform, they introduced a new cell separation method using cellular levitation with a low pressure to allow a complete separation without touching and labeling. All in which can be done in only 3 steps in less than 20 minutes. We are extremely proud to introduce LeviCell to the Nordic market.

Et billede, der indeholder papirvare, hæftemaskine Automatisk genereret beskrivelse

Single-cell analysis technology has played an instrumental role in facilitating cellular biology development. However, prevalent single-cell sample preparation methods and technologies are inclined to not only damage cells but have low capture efficiency and generally result in low cell viability. This causes both inaccuracy in the population representation of the biological sample and cells to be insufficient to complete the experiment. With The LeviCell™ platform from LevitasBio, you are ensured a gentle, cell damage-minimizing, and technological platform to reach the full potential of single-cell analysis. 

The LeviCell™ platform is a Next-Generation Sample Enrichment Technology for label-free cell separation. It is designed to ensure fast, effective, and gentle enrichment of cells and nuclei from even the most complex samples.  


How it works 

A magnetic field is generated and drives levitation based on the physical properties of the cells. 

Once the population of living cells levitates higher than the dead cells or debris, the LeviCell equipment allows efficient separation of cells followed by their collection. The low pressure used by LeviCell results in a gentle separation that enables maximum cell viability to be achieved, thus allowing the integrity of the cell population to be preserved for subsequent biological processes such as single cell analysis and sequencing. 

The workflow is based on 3 fundamental steps: load, levitate, collect. These minimize the risk of any contamination and damage that may occur when doing multiple handling or washing-procedures, and therefore can maximize the enrichment for each cell type. 

How it works

Step 1: A sample consisting of a mixture of cells, or cells to be analyzed, is introduced to the system through an inlet port.

Step 2: Levitas technology separates individual cells according to type or state based on the different levitation heights caused by the unique magnetic and density signatures Step 3: The different cell types stabilize at different levitation heights. As the sample flows through thesystem, different cell types can be imaged, counted, and collected.

Step 4: By continuing to aspirate the sample, the levitated cells transition to abifurcated tube that separates cells in the top chamber from the lower chamber.

Start levitating your samples

If you are ready to elevate your results through magnetic levitation, then we are happy to help you. Our Product Specialists are always ready to support you in getting started with your new instrument. Please feel free to contact us to get started with magnetic levitation

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