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Run powerful high-throughput screenings with Aquarray

 In a freshly developed approach, Aquarray combines the main components of Drug Discovery on a single platform - the new Droplet Microarray (DMA).

The DMA platform offers a perfect solution for performing fast, affordable and reliable screenings of different types of compounds. It is based on Aquarray’s patented technology for cell cultivation, high throughput screening and biochemical assay platforms. 

Within days a unique library of new compounds can be synthesized, analyzed, and tested in a primary screening on cells on a single DMA slide. 

  • Run 1-100 cells per experiment – suitable for primary, IPS or other rare cell types. 
  • Various sublibraries from ICCB and FDA approved chemical compounds can be screened on the DMA
  • Easily adaptable to different nano liquid dispensers to perform powerful cell screenings.

Get more information in the Product Data Sheet.

The Droplet Microarray Technology:

Aquarray Drug Discovery:

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