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Introducing BiOptic Inc.

Kem-En-Tec Nordic is proud to introduce BiOptic in our supplier portfolio. BiOptic Inc. is a biotechnology instrumentation company that develops innovative scientific products for research and clinical applications. BiOptic started in 2009 to research and develop an innovative Capillary Gel Electrophoresis instrument utilizing disposable pen-shaped gel-cartridges. I 2011 came the first patented CGE-based Fragment Analyzer Qsep100TM .


Qsep100 Single-Channel Bio-Fragment Analyzer

Qsep100 Bio-Fragment Analyzers is the most versatile instrument and is commonly used in general research laboratories. The Qsep100 provides consistent high precision analysis and flexible sample capacity from 1 to 96 samples. Qsep100 can apply to DNA, RNA, and protein analysis with diverse cartridges.

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Portable Bio-Fragment Analyzer

Qsep1 is a portable capillary electrophoresis system by the size of a small suitcase, so you can get results anywhere. This professional portable capillary electrophoresis system has the completed software functions, including Smear, RNA auto-assign support, and with the high sensitivity cartridge (N1), this system could also analyze the diverse samples, such as cfDNA.

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Qsep400 Multi-Channel 
Bio-Fragment Analyzer

Qsep400 is for larger research and clinical laboratories, who have a high sample throughput. The high-throughput system provides high-speed analysis, superior results for all kinds of molecular genetic analysis applications. Qsep400 is designed for both DNA, RNA and Protein analysis with a variety of replaceable gel-cartridges. Qsep400 is simple to use which helps users in their daily molecular biology experiments.


All the above Bio-Fragment Analyzers can apply to DNA, RNA, and protein analysis with:


DNA Cartridges: 

  • S2 Cartridge (Standard Cartridge)
  • S1 Cartridge (High Resolution Cartridge)
  • S3 Cartridge (Kilo Base Cartridge)
  • F3 Cartridge (Fast Cartridge) (Does not apply to Qsep1)
  • N1 Cartridge (High Sensitivity Cartridge)
  • N3 Cartridge (High Sensitivity Kilobase Cartridge) (Does not apply to Qsep400)


RNA Cartridges:

  • R1 Cartridge (RNA Cartridge)
  • NR1 Cartridge (High Sensitivity RNA Cartridge) (Does not apply to Qsep400)


Protein Cartridges:

  • P2 Cartridge (Protein Cartridge)


Get started

The Products from BiOptic Inc. are now available for purchase from Kem-En-Tec Nordic. Our Product Specialists are always ready to support you in getting started with your new instrument. Feel free to contact us.

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