IQ-Products is a global supplier of a range of high quality products for perinatal diagnostics, transplantation related diagnostics and routine flow cytometry.

Some examples of avaliable products:

  • Single and multicolored antibodies to human leukocytes
  • Isotype Controls

Kits for detection of human fetal erythrocytes, Fetal Cell Count Kit, and for detection of inflammation and tissue injury by leukocyte CD64 measurement, Leuko64 Kit.


High-quality products for the accurate detection and quantification of fetal Red Blood Cells in maternal blood in case of Fetomaternal Hemorrhage.

Fetal Cell Count kit – A complete assay for routine diagnosis of Fetomaternal Hemorrhage (FMH) using Anti-CA and Anti-HbF.

FetalTrol – A tri-level stabilized blood controls with known human fetal erythrocytes content in human adult blood.

Sepsis & Inflammation
Different diagnostic tools for the detection and monitoring of sepsis and inflammation using both flow cytometry or ELISA platforms.