We believe that process of Imaging should be easy and safe.

We have 30 years experience with imaging – Our local product specialists will guide you in the process – Feel free to call or send an E-mail. We love to help.

Gel Documentation Systems

We offer you to get rid of  EtBr – and not lose out on sensitivity!

The Gel Doc Systems from Nippon Genetics with their revolutionary Blue/Green transilluminators offer you the same sensitivity using Midori Green safe stain and visible light as you now get using UV and carcinogenic and intercalating EtBr.

All Gel DOc systems are compatible with all the safe stains and EtBr on the market, so you will be able to detect all the dyes in your lab with one Gel Doc System. Here are the systems we offer:

  • FastGene Blue/green LED transilluminator – New LED based transilluminator. Blue/Green light LEDs offer with Midori Green safe stain same sensitivity as EtBr + UV light but they won’t damage your eyes and skin and the DNA separated in an agarose gel.
  • FastGene UV illuminator – For the detection of DNA, stained with Ethidium Bromide, the UV-Transilluminator is still offered.

In vivo Imaging of Plants & Animals

We offer the Nightshade and Nightowl in vivo imaging systems.

NightOWL II a state-of-the-art molecular imaging system for in vivo gene expression with luciferases and fluorescent proteins as well as for the localisation with fluorescent-labelled antibodies.

Sensitivity, versatility and ease-of-use in combination make the NightOWL a superior instrument.

NightSHADE LB 985 is a modular plant imaging system for monitoring luminescence and fluorescence in tissues, seedlings and whole plants. Housed in an absolutely light-tight darkroom its heart is a cooled CCD camera which can be mounted on top or at the side.