From Encl 1, Europa Bioproducts we represent Prozyme´s broad range of glycobiology products.The GLYCO product range includes N-Glycanase** which is a recombinant form of PNGase F which is exclusively licensed from Genzyme Corporation and ProZyme holds patents on the use of 2-AB labeling*** and the use of hydrazine to chemically cleave N and O-linked glycans.

In addition we supply all the products for N-linked glycan profiling and O-linked glycan profiling using 2-AA and 2-AB fluorescent labeling, endoglycosidases and exoglycosidases to sequence individual glycans, quantitation and characterisation of Sialic acids (N-acetyl-neuraminic acid,NANA) and monosaccharide composition analysis.
ProZyme has introduced some innovative products in the last two years. The Rapid deglycosylation kit, which allows total deglycosylation of proteins and monoclonal antibodies within one hour. The Sialic acid quantitation kit (NANA quantitation kit) which allows quantitation within 75 minutes.
Technical data and Material Safety Data Sheets, in Adobe® Acrobat ® format, are available at the ProZyme site.