Extraction & homogenization

The point of sample extraction is to dissolve all the analytes in which you are interested and kill all the enzymes that could metabolise them. This must be done quickly so that the levels you measure reflect the levels in vivo. Analytes can be unstable for biological reasons or chemical but knowing how to best extract them will minimize the destruction of your sample.

Kem-En-Tec Nordic provides a broad range of products to help you lyse and homogenize your samples and subsequently extract them in the best possible way.

Lysing and homogenization

Efficient lysing and homogenization is the first step. With more than 15 different lysing matrix types available, each with their own hardness, shape and compostion there is a lot of options and solutions available. Have a look at the lysing matrix brochure to learn how to best lyse your sample type;

Lysing Matrix brochure  

Once you have decided upon the optimal choice of material for lysis and homogenization the FastPrep-24 or FastPrep-96 is the ideal instrument to provide the most usable DNA, RNA, and proteins from even your most difficult samples, fast and easy—with fully automated, optimized lysing in just 40 seconds.

MP BIO FastPrep Family

DNA extraction from PCR gels

PCR Extraction Kits are based on the well known silica membrane / spin column technology: DNA is released out of the sample by using modified lysis buffers. Chaotropic salts lead to the destruction of the hydrate shell which normally covers the phosphate backbone of the nucleic acid. The sample is applied onto a spin column and the released DNA is bound onto the embedded glass fibre membrane. Thereafter wash steps using ethanolic and salt buffers are perfomed in order to remove contaminations. Finally the DNA can be eluted using an aqueous buffer, pH 8, which stabilizes the DNA immediately.

FastGene® Gel/PCR Extraction Kits
are designed for the extraction of DNA from agarose gels and for the purification of PCR products.
DNA fragments purified with FastGene® Gel/PCR Extraction Kits are ready for direct use in all common downstream applications, like sequencing, ligation and transformation, restriction digestion, microarray analysis, PCR and in vitro transcription.