Kem-En-Tec  Nordic is the approved supplier of established diagnostic companies from mainly  Europe and USA.

Some of our specialities:

Intra-Operative PTH (Para-Thyroidea Hormone) – Future Diagnostics

ELISA kits for Eicosanoids, Histamine, Lipoxins etc – Neogen

Kits for determining Biologicals – Optimizing Medication – Sanquin

Infectological stool diagnosticsnfectological stool diagnostics- R-Biopharm, Bioserv Diagnostics

Serological infection diagnostics- R-Biopharm


LINE blotsSekisui-Virotech

Rapid diagnostic tests- Coris BioconceptR-Biopharm

Veterinary diagnostic-Demeditec

ELISA test for diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease- MercodiaBoster