BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES is considered a worldwide leader in luminescence measuring technology and has provided thousands of luminometers for research and diagnostics.
More than 6 decades of proven and certified manufacturing practice and a history characterized by pioneering innovations, technological progress and strong growth
ensure the high quality of all instruments. Headquarters: Bad Wildbad, Germany


  • Multimode Microplate Readers, Photometers, Microplate Fluorometers & Luminometers


The Bioanalytic division develops and manufactures single and multi-label microplate readers for a multitude of life sciences applications
like reporter genes, Calcium, ATP, caspases, kinases, GPCRs, cAMP, DNA concentration, protein concentration, immunoassays, oxidative burst and many more.


  • In vivo Imaging instruments

In vivo imaging of luciferase and GFP expression as well as other luminescent and fluorescent marker are the turf for the small animal and plant imaging systems NightOWL and NightSHADE with a set of dedicated add-ons, e.g. anaesthesia unit or LED growth illumination.


  • Tube luminometers, Gamma counters and HPLC radio Detectors

Tube luminometers, Gamma counters for RIA and Chromium release and HPLC radio detectors used in metabolism and PET applications complete the range of products.


  • ELISA Absorbance Reader




LB 913 Apollo 11 ELISA Absorbance Reader


  • Plate Handling






plate handling


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Download case study: “Evaluation of an unshielded luminescence flow-through radio-HPLC detector
for LC quality control and preparation of PET radiopharmaceuticals”

fLumo case study