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Affinity Biosciences

A Company specialized in phosphorylated antibodies

Primary antibody
Loading control & tag antibody
Secondary antibody
Reagents & Kits

Quality assurance at Affinity Biosciences is of utmost significance. Our quality peptide design is essential to generating specific, selective, and reproducible antibodies. Affinity Biosciences uses synthetic peptide haptens or recombinant protein to produce antibodies, thereby having close […]

IROA Technologies

IROA Technologies LLC evolved from NextGen Metabolomics which was established in June 2010.  The Company founders have had a career of pioneering metabolomics platforms, drug development and life technologies. The continuing metabolomics challenge, despite the evolution of mass spectrometry platforms, is the identification and interpretation of vast datasets.

IROA methodologies eliminate noise, analytical variability and […]



Biocrates provides the fast track to metabolic biomarker signatures.

With targeted metabolomics kits and services for quantitative, reproducible, and high throughput analyses, Biocrates enables researchers to acquire comprehensive metabolic information more quickly, and more reliably.

Biocrates is the partner of choice for Metabolic Phenotyping.

Eureka Water Probes

Premium Water Quality Sensors, Instruments and Systems 
Eureka Environmental was formed in 2002 by industry veterans who believed there was considerable room in the multiprobe market for improvements in technology and customer service.

Eureka’s first multiprobe, the Manta1, was introduced in 2004.  The Manta1 featured a number of industry firsts, including USB power for PC operations, […]

YSL Bioprocess Development Co.

Founded in August 2011, the YSL Bioprocess Development Company is committed to developing and providing high-quality, cost-effective assay reagents for flow cytometry analyses. Our AimPlex multiplexed immunoassay products employ existing flow cytometry analytical platforms for detection.

YSL Bio offers a rapidly-evolving, customizable test menu—presently 348 immunoassays, as well as custom immunoassay services to develop multiplex […]

PME – Cyclops-7 datalogger, miniDOT, miniPAR, Wipers

PME – Precision Measurement Engineering –  Sensors and accessories for environmental studies:

MiniDOT – Oxygen sensor and logger – Now also available in NEW version with LCD display

miniWIPER for miniDOT – Keep the sensor head clean for long term deployments

Data loggers for Cyclops-7F sensors  – Provide a stand-alone sensor/logger system

miniWIPER for Datalogger – Keep the sensor […]

Expedeon – The protein experts

Expedeon offer bright solutions to the world of Proteomics […]


UV transilluminatorer + Geldokumentationsudstyr – Udstyr og software til detektion af kemiluminescens og almindelige geldokumentationsopgaver (EtBr, Coomassie mv.). Kontakt vores produktspecialist for mere information og priser.

Turner Designs


Fluorometers and instruments for measurement of fluorescent tracers, algal pigments, and other naturally occurring fluorescent compounds – Turner Design has more than 45 years experience in building sensitive, reliable and easy-to-use instruments for environmental and industrial uses. Kem-En-Tec provide in-depth instrument support. […]


SERVA is a German based company and pursue the highest standards in product quality, workplace safety and responsibility for the environment we live in. […]