Viogene provides DNA and RNA extraction kit to extract plasmid DNA, Genomic DNA, DNA fragments, miRNA and RNA from cell cultures, FFPE samples, bacteria, blood, mouse tails, plants and Fungi.

With more than 1500 journal citations from even the most prestigious like Nature, Viogene provides a product of the highest quality, combined with very competitive prices makes the Viogene product portfolio very attractive for all labs that do nuclei acid extraction.


Plasmid DNA extraction: Viogene® Plasmid DNA Extraction Systems provide a simple, fast, and cost effective method to purify plasmid DNA. High-purity or ultrapure DNA of high-copy and low-copy plasmid and cosmid extracted from small, middle, or large volume of culture is ready to be used in any routine downstream applications.


Genomic DNA extraction: The Genomic DNA Extraction system uses silica-gel-membrane technology for simple and fast isolation of genomic DNA without phenol/chloroform or ethanol precipitation. Homogenization is not necessary since tissues can be directly lysed by Proteinase K. Special protocols and guidelines are provided for various samples, such as paraffin-embedded tissues, culture cells, blood, mouse tails, bacteria, plants and fungi.


DNA fragment extraction: Viogene® DNA Fragment Extraction Systems. Cleaning up of DNA is often required for efficient downstream applications such as cloning, sequencing, labeling, or amplification. Viogene DNA Fragment Extraction Systems provide a broad range of kits which are designed for specific DNA fragment extractions. Use the selection guide below to find the kit which is best suited to your needs.


RNA extraction: Viogene® RNA Extraction SystemsViogene® RNA Extraction Systems provides a simple silica-gel-membrane spin-column and economical method to purify total RNA from various samples: Traditional Viogene RNA Extraction System extraction total RNA from cultured cells, tissues, bacteria, yeast, biological fluids containing RNA virus and plants; miTotal RNA Extraction System for total RNA extraction emphasizing on microRNA and siRNA yield and purification, suitable for animal cells from culture, tissues, whole blood, plasma, serum, biological fluids containing RNA virus, etc.. ; and VioTotal Plant RNA Extraction System provides a fast method to purify total RNA from plant material and plant cells.


FFPE analysis: Viogene® FFPE Nucleic acids Extraction Systems. Viogene FFPE nucleic acids extraction system uses silica-gel-membrane technology for simple and fast isolation of genomic DNA and total RNA from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue sections. These kits use simple spin-column based method to isolate total genomic DNA, large RNAs, siRNAs and microRNAs without the time-consuming procedure of phenol/chloroform extraction and ethanol precipitation. The highly purified total DNA/RNA can be used for quantitative detection of DNA/RNA level using quantitative method, such as qPCR, digital PCR or microarray.