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Turner Design has more than 40 years experience in building sensitive, reliable and easy-to-use Instruments for environmental and industrial uses.

We offer Instruments from Turner Design for use in the Laboratory, in the field and as submerged instruments.


Submerged instruments:

Cyclops-7 sensors + Handheld Datalogger 

C-Sense – In sito pCO2 Sensor 

ICAM – in situ Integrating Cavity Absorption Meter

C3 Multisensor – for up to 3 integrated optical sensors

C6 platform – for up to 6 Cyclops-7 sensors

NEW ! C6P – Multisensor – For up to 6 integrated optical sensors


Laboratory & Field use Instruments:

NEW ! AquaFlash – Active Handheld Fluorometer for Algae

FluoroSense – Handheld Fluorometer for Algae

Trilogy laboratory Fluorometer

10-AU Field & Laboratory Fluorometer

AquaFluor Handheld Fluorometer


Feel free to contact our product specialist for more informations, help with configuration and quote.