With the Virotech ELISAs we offer you a wide range of products from A like Adenovirus until Y like Yersinia for the Infectious Diseases Serology.

Advantages of the Virotech ELISAs:

 Color-coded wells per parameter, break-away
 General IgG-, IgM- and IgA conjugates
 General serum dilution, incubation and interpretation
 Ready to use controls, conjugates, substrate, dilutionbuffer und stopsolution
 Identical ranges (9 – 11 VE)
 Information in International Units (IU) where WHO standards available
 ELISA range suitable for all automatic devices

Advantages of the Virotech LINE systems:

Our continuously extended product line is intended to detect IgG-, IgM-, IgA-specific antibodies in human serum and can be proceeded in the uniform System. Thus it offers a great economic advantage. Self evident, the test procedure is identical as known from our ELISAs

The following is valid for all our LINE Products:

 strips strengthened with plastic foil
 sorted strips in a booklet
 clear strip numbering
 serum-incubation control on each strip
 conjugate-incubation control on each strip
 identical incubation times (30’/30’/10’)
 test result after 100 minutes
 identical serum dilution
 overall conjugates
 Cut-off control included in the kit box
 Suitable for all automatic devices
 Interpretation Software Blotrix available for the LINEs