PentaBase™ has developed a primer technology completely compatible with all applications of your standard primers. PentaBase™ has developed two types of SuPrimers™ both based on our new and proprietary pentabases (Hydrophobic Nucleic Acid, HYNA™) technology.

Standard SuPrimers™ reduces or eliminates primer-dimer formation and gives you an even higher sensitivity and a much better and more applicable temperature range of your PCR assays… even standard PCR.

Allele specific SuPrimers™ increases your specificity and reduces primer-dimer formation. This primer is especially great for allele specific amplification (ASA) and methylation specific amplification. We recommend that you order up to five different variations of forward primer and reverse primer and mix them in a primer matrix to find the best combination. SuPrimers can be used with all your standard reagents.