Accurately quantifying and qualifying Next Gen Sequencing (NGS) fragments in a high throughput automated fashion is becoming critically important for more laboratories. The labs are seeing increased demand from researchers who want to sequence smaller amounts of information, but from larger pools of organisms.

Learn about the impact of NGS library sizing accuracy on sequencing data quality.

Impact of NGS Library Sizing Accuracy on Sequencing


Typical NGS Separation


Table shows quantitative information from NGS sample library preparation prior to running on Next Gen Sequencer. Electropherogram overlay plot shows size distribution of the NGS libraries samples, along with a sizing ladder (X-axis).





Overlay of NGS Libraries


Separation and quantification of NGS fragment libraries using the Fragment Analyzer™ system. Smear analysis was performed in the 200 bp to 1000 bp range. Concentration, % of total, molarity, average size, and %CV are reported for each sample across the user defined sizing range.