Molecular Biology

Molecular biology is the branch of biology that deals with the molecular basis of biological activity. This field overlaps with other areas of biology and chemistry, particularly genetics and biochemistry. Molecular biology chiefly concerns itself with understanding the interactions between the various systems of a cell, including the interactions between the different types of DNA, RNA and protein biosynthesis as well as learning how these interactions are regulated.

Researchers in molecular biology use specific techniques native to molecular biology such as PCR, quantiative PCR (qPCR) and sequencing of the genome but increasingly combine these with techniques and ideas from genetics and biochemistry. There is not a defined line between these disciplines. The figure to the left is a schematic that depicts one possible view of the relationship between the fields of Molecular biology, genetics and Biochemistry.

Within the field of Molecular biology Kem-En-Tec offers a range of products with relation to the processes of replication, transcription, translation, and cell function. Many of the molecular biology techniques evolve around the analysis of DNA using classic methods like DNA extraction, PCR, electrophoresis and visualization.


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