Transfection Reagents

Transfection reagents for DNA and RNA transfection and Electroporation

The TransIT® Transfection Reagents are ideal for delivering all types of nucleic acids including: DNA, siRNA, miRNA, mRNA, viral RNA and oligonucleotides to eukaryotic cells. Each reagent provides high efficiency transfection while exhibiting low cellular toxicity, enabling the acquisition of physiologically relevant data and preservation of the transfected cell population.

Broad spectrum transfection reagent

3D transfection

  • TransIT®-3DHigh efficiency broad spectrum DNA transfection of cells in 3D culture for biologically relevant data

Cell line specific transfection reagents or kits

Protein Production

Breast cancer cell transfection

  • TransIT®-BrCa     A portion of every sale will be donated to breast cancer research

Ingenio™ Electroporation Products for hard to transfect cells

A broad spectrum solution that provides high efficiency electroporation in hard to transfect cells with minimal toxicity. The solutions are compatible with all electroporation instruments.

DNA and RNA Labeling

The Label IT® Technology is a non-enzymatic chemical labeling method that facilitates the direct covalent attachment of either fluorescent or non-fluorescent labels to any nucleic acid using a simple one-step chemical reaction. Mirus Bio optimized the Label IT Technology for specialized applications including: FISH, microarrays, and nucleic acid visualization both in vitro and in vivo.