With this kit you get the posibility to focus on RNA from 5nt up to 200nt using the Fragment Analyzer.

The Small RNA Kit for the Fragment Analyzer will accurately size and quantify sRNA from a purified or total RNA sample focusing in on the fragments under 200nt. The kit specifically targets microRNA (miRNA) which can be evaluated using the Small RNA Size Region function to accurately determine the percent and concentration of miRNA in a sample, based on adjustable parameters.

Small RNAs (sRNA) play significant roles in various biological processes, making sRNA a frequent target
of NGS as well as other downstream applications. An accurate understanding of the size and quantity of
sRNA present in a sample is crucial to the successful preparation of NGS libraries.


To order use kit number; <i>DNF-470-0275 small RNA kit</i>

Get the brochure; Small RNA