KPL develop and manufacture high quality immunochemicals for life science and in vitro diagnostics. KPL was the first company to commercialize affinity purified secondary antibodies, a valuable tool for biological research and in vitro diagnostic testing. Since then KPL has introduced over 700 reagents and complete assay kits for protein visualization and nucleic acid detection that address the needs of cell biology, immunology, protein chemistry and molecular biology scientists.


Main products are:

Affinity Purified Antibodies and Conjugates
Western Blotting Kits and Reagents
Recombinant Protein Detection and Analysis
ELISA Reagents 
Immunohistology Kits and Reagents
Sample Preparation and Protein Purification
Protein Labeling Kits and Reagents
Nucleic Acid Labeling and Detection Kits

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