irisbiosciences is a spin-off of Stemmatters focused on development, manufacturing and marketing of products and services for bio-/pharmaceutical research and development, namely stem cells, 3D cell culturing products, and tissue models for in vitro experimentation.

Provides also customized research and development services on medical devices, cell based therapies and advanced therapy medicinal products.

REF 060201
xeno-free & nutrient permeable hydrogel for 3D cell culture

mimsys G is a xeno-free polysaccharide which forms hydrogels suitable to  study cell response in a real 3D environment. It is easy to handle, encapsulate and culture mammalian cells within the mimsys G hydrogels. mimsys G is biocompatible and nutrient permeable, suitable for long term 3D cell culture. mimsys G hydrogel mimics the hydrated microenvironment of a tissue´s extracellular matrix. 

The transparency of mimsys G hydrogel makes it suitable for established laboratorial cell assays, such as microscopy evaluations, viability protocols and histological procedures.

Human Cells