NanoPhotometer® P-Class

Small. Fast. Accurate.

The NanoPhotometer® P-Class is an All-in-One spectrophotometer with proven micro volume (0.3μl) and cuvette performance.

Optimized for quantification and purity assessment of nucleic acid and protein samples, the NanoPhotometer® P-Class brings unmatched performance and features in a flexible, compact, and easy to use spectrophotometer.


« Flexibility & Mobility

Small volume and cuvette capability always standard; Standalone mobile design with large LCD display and available thermal printer for convenient direct printing; Electronic data can be automatically generated in a variety of file formats when connected to a PC; USB flash drive, Bluetooth or SD-Memory capability is available on select models

« Detection Range

Widest concentration coverage
Apply NanoVolume samples directly without dilution; Optical alignment, high linearity, and automatic dilution provide the widest concentration range of dsDNA 2-18,750 ng/µl and protein (BSA) 0.08-543 mg/ml

« Standardization

Instant Ready Technology™ Optimized Sample Condition
Ensure homogeneous samples with built-in low vibration vortexer option for consistent readings and accurate results over the entire life-time

« Small

0.3 µl sample volume
Sample Compression Technology™ allows for accurate determination of nucleic acids, proteins, and peptides in ultra low sample volumes

« Fast

3.5 seconds per reading
Turn on and instantly measure without lamp warm up time; Full scan capability from 200-950nm in 3.5 sec

« Accurate

Lifetime accuracy without recalibration
Sealed optics without moving parts or pathlength drift eliminates the need for costly and time consuming recalibrations; Avoid evaporation and sample limitations utilizing the patented Sample Compression Technology™