Special products and reagents (Bioproducts) used by Diagnostic companies, Biopharmaceutical companies and researchers.


Tools for Glyco Biology

Bovine Serum albumin


Diagnostic raw materials

Animal sera and Immunoglobulin’s

Human sera, plasma and Immunoglobulin’s

Antibodies, Antisera and Antigens


Technical Information

Binding characteristics of Protein A and Protein G

An Enzyme-based Sialic Acid Quantitation Assay for Rapid Screening of Therapeutic Glycoproteins During Process Development: A Potential Process Analytical Technology

Qualification of a Process Analytical Technology for Quantifying Sialic Acid On Therapeutic Proteins Using Two Instrument Platforms

Improved Sialic Acid Quantitation Assay Suitable For Robotics And Process Analytical Technology Applications

Screening Sialic Acid Content to Optimize Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Glycoprotein Therapeutics