Euroclone is specialized and have a long experience the field of Cytogenetic analysis. They have developed a perfect combination of media, plastic supports, synchronizing agents, and equipment for pre and postnatal analysis.
They have developed a perfect combination of media, plastic supports, synchronizing agents, and equipments for pre and postnatal analysis.

General overview

The aim of Cytogenetics is the study of cellular constituents concerned with heredity, primarily the structure, fuction, and origin of the chromosomes.
The chromosome content, called karyotype, is classified on the basis of both chromosome number and morphology, which are fixed characteristics for a particular species. Theoretically, it is possible to prepare chromosome samples starting from any tissue (or suspension of mitotic cells) providing that appropriate methods are used for the type of cell to be examined.
The identification and characterisation of either constitutional or acquired chromosome abnormalities, are the focus of two large areas of diagnostic investigation.
From the clinical point of view, cytogenetic analysis is a fundamental tool for prenatal and postnatal diagnosis of several pathologies (concerning general and specialist medicine), and it is the basis of prevention programmes regarding congenital and hereditary diseases.

Chromosome kit P and M for postnatal purposes

Medium from Euroclone are complete medium for peripheral blood cultures or bone marrow cultures, supplied in sterile culture tubes or bottle 100ml / 500ml. The use of Chromosome Kit in ready to use culture tubes allows remarkable time saving and reduction of manual procedures bringing benefits to the routine laboratory. The ratio between sample/liquid volume and culture surface area was thoroughly studied, and the medium composition accurately formulated to ensure optimal mitotic index. Chromosome Kits P simplify operative protocols and produce highly reproducible and readable specimens for microscopic examination: the number of metaphases and chromosome quality are superior compared to conventional media or other commercially available kit.

ChromosomeSynchro P and M are specifically created to optimize the culture of peripheral blood lymphocytes , and to obtain an extremely efficient cell cycle synchronization for the subsequent chromosomal analysis.
The kit is composed by medium P , and synchronization kit. ChromosomeSynchro guarantees the best quality results for postnatal Cytogenetics in terms of optimal mitotic index through the accurate media formulation, and the highest number of metaphases of exceptional quality thanks to the synchronisation kit (more than 550 bands per haploid set).

AmniomedSmart for pre-natal purposes
Amniomed ® Smart is a highly specialized medium for in vitro culture, growth of human amniotic fluid cells and chorionic villi biopsy samples used in cytogenetic applications for karyotyping and for FISH purposes.
Amniomed ® Smart is also recommended for short incubation (24-48 hours) of chorionic villi samples, for the so called “direct method” using cytotrophoblast spontaneous metaphases for karyotyping purposes. As a complete, ready to use medium, it contains all the necessary growth factors, L-glutamine, phenol red, sodium bicarbonate, antibiotics and FBS. The innovative formulation provides a more efficient and fast cell attachment and growth, resulting in earlier chromosome analysis, and reduces handling steps and the possibility of contamination.


OPTICHROME, drying chamber for optimized chromosome preparations

The quality of samples preparations for chromosome analysis depends largely on the environmental conditions in which the final evaporation of the methyl acetate or ethyl acetate fixative takes place. The combined effects of temperature and relative humidity have a noticeable effect on the quality of the metaphase.

OptiChrome has been specifically designed to minimize all problems related to those critical parameters, which might be very unstable: it allows the technician to set and control both temperature and humidity, thus defining the ideal working conditions related to a certain protocol.


AUTOCHROME, robotic dispenser for prenatal Cytogenetics

Autochrome is a robotic dispenser for automated processing of chromosome preparations from adherent cells cultures, in particular amniocytes and chorionic villi samples.