Kem-En-Tec Nordic A/S is your strong partner in the field of electrophoresis – We offer a complete solution.

Our product range cover every aspect of electrophoresis – DNA and Protein – Horizontal and vertical units – Pre cast gels and reagents for casting your own gels.


DNA electrophoresis

Cells and Power Supplies – Hoefer Inc, ApelexEmbitec, Mupid

Gels – Horizontal precast agarose gels –  Embitec, Elchrom Sci

Gels – Vertical precast gels – Expedeon, Anamed

Reagents – MP Bio, SERVA, Anamed, Expedeon,


Protein electrophoresis

Cells and Power Supplies – Hoefer Inc, Expedeon, Apelex

Gels – The SDS-PAGE gel that doesn’t crack – Expedeon

Gels – Traditional Laemmli gels – Tris/Glycine, Tricine etc. – Anamed

Isoelectric Focusing, IEF – SERVA


Electrophoresis reagents

Markers, Buffers, Stains – Expedeon, Anamed, SERVA


Post Electrophoresis

Gel Doc systems – Nippon GeneticsProteinSimple

Western Blot Detection – BioStepProteinSimple