Dispendix GmbH, are a spinoff of the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (IPA) in Stuttgart, Germany — and a part of the CELLINK Group

Vision is to establish a simple and elegant gold standard in non-contact liquid handling that is affordable for everyone


The I-DOT Technology

The “Immediate Drop on Demand Technology” (I-DOT) uses a patented non-contact, pressure-based dispensing technology. Applying a well-defined pressure pulse on top of a microliter plate with holes in the bottom of each well forms a highly precise nanoliter droplet that is released into any target plate (SBS compatible format). Larger volumes are achieved by applying up to 400 pulses per second. The I-DOT is a new approach for nanoliter to microliter liquid-handling tasks. The I-DOT One is specifically built for the use with 96 well I-DOT pure plates, where capillary forces keep the sample liquid in the cavity.




  • Non-contact, no-pipetting tips mean no carry-over or cross contamination.
  • Incredibly accurate and precise dispensing.
  • Low dead volume.
  • High volume range, from 2 nL up to 80 µL.
  • Ultra-high dispensing speed.
  • Works with a variety of liquids.
  • Extreme user friendly Software




qPCR, NGS-Prep, Combinatorial chemistry, IC50, Array, Cell printing and other low volume dispensing tasks