APELEX  manufacture electrophoresis power supplies, which have been designed to use  state-of-the-art electronic technology as microprocessor and  switching technology, allied to the exact requirement of the scientist.

Berthold Technologies

BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES is considered a worldwide leader in luminescence measuring technology and has provided thousands of luminometers for research and diagnostics. More than 6 decades of proven and certified manufacturing practice and a history characterized by pioneering innovations, technological progress and strong growth ensure the high quality of all instruments. Headquarters: Bad Wildbad, Germany   […]

Biosan – The Laboratory equipment experts

BioSan offers innovative solutions to tasks commenly performed in the laboratory.

Biostep GmbH

Biostep GmbH a well known specialist maker of instruments for Bio imaging brings you Celvin S. The Celvin S imager literally turns the whole world of Bio imaging upside down. Instead of placing your WB for imaging on a tray that is then pushed in a cabinet, with Celvin S you place your WB on top of the instrument with […]

Centurion – Centrifuges of the highest quality

Centurion Scientific produces tabletop centrifuges with or without cooling.

Colibri Microvolume Spectrometer

For DNA, RNA, Protein and More.       Smallest Sample Volumes Even the smallest samples can be easily pipetted into the measurement position. The hydrophobic ring facilitates sample placement. After measure­ment, the sample can be wiped off or recovered. High Dynamic Range The optical path length can be set to 0.2 or 1 mm. […]


CyBio – Liquid Handling. Automation. Service. With more than 20 years of experience, CyBio is a leading manufacturer of high quality liquid handling technologies.

Embitec – everything you need for electrophoresis

Supplier of electrophoresis systems, gel casting systems, pre-cast gels w/wo DNA stain and illuminators.


Betacounter – Multilabel Microplate Reader – Multilabel Tester. – Compact, sensitive and extremely easy to use Equipment.

MP Biomedicals

MP Biomedicals, Your Partner in the Life Sciences!

Nippon Genetics

supplying a range of helpful products for Genomics and Protein Electrophoresis. Gel Doc systems utilizing the unique Blue/Green double excitation providing the same sensitivity with red DNA Dyes and even better sensitivity with Green DNA Dyes as you would get using DNA damaging UV light and carcinogenic EtBr. For these systems and other Gel Doc […]

PME – Cyclops-7 datalogger, miniDOT, miniPAR, Wipers

PME – Precision Measurement Engineering –  Sensors and accessories for environmental studies: MiniDOT – Oxygen sensor and logger miniWIPER for miniDOT – Keep the sensor head clean fo long term deployments Data loggers for Cyclops-7F sensors  – Integrate with the sensor and provide a stand-alone sensor/logger system miniWIPER for Datalogger – Keep the sensor head clean […]

SensoQuest – Highest quality PCR thermocycler

Producer of thermocyclers with and without gradients for end-point PCR.

Titertek Berthold

Titertek Berthold has more than 35 years of experience in the field of liquid handling and offer high quality instrument solutions built for years of trouble free service. 

Turner Designs

  Fluorometers and instruments for measurement of fluorescent tracers, algal pigments, and other naturally occurring fluorescent compounds – Turner Design has more than 45 years experience in building sensitive, reliable and easy-to-use instruments for environmental and industrial uses. Kem-En-Tec provide in-depth instrument support.


                  Confocal Quantitative Image Cytometer CQ1 offers a new approach to image quantification CQ1 enables 3D imaging and quantification of live cell clusters, such as spheroids within a 3D culture vessel, as they are, keeping the cells intact. CQ1 exports feature data in general formats which are […]