anamed Electrophoresis Gels

anamed electrophoresis Gels anamed specialises in the manufacture of precast gels and associated accessories for gel electrophoresis.


APELEX  manufacture electrophoresis power supplies, which have been designed to use  state-of-the-art electronic technology as microprocessor and  switching technology, allied to the exact requirement of the scientist.

Berthold Technologies

BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES is considered a worldwide leader in luminescence measuring technology and has provided thousands of luminometers for research and diagnostics. More than 6 decades of proven and certified manufacturing practice and a history characterized by pioneering innovations, technological progress and strong growth ensure the high quality of all instruments. Headquarters: Bad Wildbad, Germany   […]

Elchrom Scientific – Excellence in electrophoresis

Elchrom Scientific technology and products represent state-of-the-art solutions in electrophoresis.

Embitec – everything you need for electrophoresis

Supplier of electrophoresis systems, gel casting systems, pre-cast gels w/wo DNA stain and illuminators.

Expedeon – The protein experts

Expedeon offer bright solutions to the world of Proteomics

Hoefer Inc.

Hoefer’s offer the ultimate quality in electrophoresis equipment intelligently designed for top performance and ease of use.

Nippon Genetics

providing cutting-edge reagents and instruments for Genomics and Protein Electrophoresis. The product portfolio focusses on molecular biology, such as enzymes, kits and ready mixes for RT, PCR, qPCR, DNA Electrophoresis with safe DNA dyes and consumables, Protein electrophoresis with precast PAGE gels, protein marker and stains, as well as nucleic acid purification kits for DNA […]


SERVA is a German based company and pursue the highest standards in product quality, workplace safety and responsibility for the environment we live in.