Boster was founded in 1993 by histologist Steven Xia. Our product lines feature high affinity antibodies and ELISA kits that are thoroughly tested and of affordable prices. In the past two decades Boster products have been trusted by researchers and cited for over 20,000 publications.

With a focus on histology, Boster provides a special line of carefully screened antibodies, the Picoband® antibodies. These antibodies are carefully chosen to have minimal cross reactivity and maximum affinity. Our goal is to help you generate beautiful and reproducible Western Blot and Immunohistochemistry images. We are transparent about our testing and upload all pictures in HD on the website.

Boster also provides a wide range of ready to use Sandwich Picokine® ELISA kits, covering more than 600 proteins from Human, Mouse, and Rat, including all the cytokines, most common secretive protein targets and many intra cellular proteins. These Picokine® ELISA kits feature high sensitivity, averaging single digit pictogram level sensitivity and low background.

All of our products are covered by our quality guarantee. At Boster, we offer you exceptional value, consistent performance and attentive technical support, because we are the antibody and ELISA kits experts, who are from the lab, just like you.