Next Generation kits and methods for DNA extraction and analysis towards more convenience, quality and speed

Improving convenience, speed and quality are the main parameters for our product development programs. Our team of senior scientists, with many decades of kit development expertise, combines forces to create tools that exhibit clear advantages over state-of-the-art technologies in the hands of customers for their molecular workflows in the bioscience industry and academia.

Each of our products should meet several or all of the following criteria:

  • Superior quality through modern DNA extraction technology
  • Significantly fewer steps compared to conventional kit technology
  • Drastically reduced time required compared to conventional DNA extraction kit technology
  • Higher yield and recovery than conventional kit technology
  • Fair price
  • No hazardous materials
  • Minimized plastic waste

Only if these specifications are met, will BioEcho integrate the corresponding products into the portfolio. As a young company with mostly senior staff, we continuously develop, in-license and launch products that improve daily laboratory routines. Our product portfolio includes the following product classes:

Products coming soon are RNA and plasmid DNA extraction kits and scale-up into 96-well formats for high-throughput applications and handling-free full automation of nucleic acid extraction.


More about the innovative DNA extraction – “No more bind-elute”


EchoLUTION – DNA Extraction Kits

For years, the quality, speed and convenience of conventional DNA extraction has remained the same. However, at BioEcho, we believe that even the most routine molecular biology protocols can be improved. To address this goal, BioEcho scientists have developed the EchoLUTION product line, a series of innovative kits for the single-step extraction of DNA from various sample types. Negative chromatography, in which contaminants are efficiently adsorbed, allows the target DNA to flow through the column. After the efficient lysis of the sample, only one short centrifugation step is required for outstanding results.

EchoLUTION single-step DNA purification offers you the following advantages:


  • Superior quality, excellent results in all downstream applications.
  • Higher DNA recovery (>95%) than conventional methods
  • Highly efficient tissue lysis (only 30 minutes)


  • Significantly fewer handling steps compared to bind–wash–elute protocols (50–70% fewer steps)
  • Drastically reduced hands-on time needed (2-5 times faster, depending on application)

Ecological responsibility

  • No hazardous reagents
  • Minimized plastic waste (70% less)
  • Sustainable, lastic-free packaging

Fair price

Discover the advantages of the next generation of DNA purification and try EchoLUTION!

BioEcho will launch EchoLUTION products for RNA and plasmid soon, as well as all related high-throughput formats. For cleanup of DNA using the same superior technology, see our EchoCLEAN cleanup kits.

NOTE: BioEcho kits are not for in vitro diagnostic use.

For single-step spin column purification from up to 40 µl liquid blood or dried blood spots (FTA cards). Purification of genomic DNA from up to 40 µl animal or human blood yields 1-2 µg highly purified DNA suitable for all molecular biology applications. Also includes a protocol for genomic DNA extraction from FTA cards yielding up to 1 µg per 5 card punches (Ø 3mm each).

For the purification of genomic, mitochondrial or plasmid DNA from up to 2 x 106 eukaryotic cells (cell lines or primary cells). EchoLUTION-purified DNA is highly suitable for all molecular biology downstream applications such as PCR, Genotyping and Next Generation Sequencing.

For the purification of genomic DNA from 0.1 to 10 mg animal or human tissue (fresh, frozen or stabilized) yielding up to 80 µg (depending on tissue) highly purified DNA suitable for all molecular biology applications.

For the purification of genomic DNA from plant tissue yielding 5–100 µg highly purified DNA (depending on plant and tissue age) suitable for all molecular biology applications.

For the purification of genomic DNA from 1 ml bacterial culture yielding 5–20 µg highly purified DNA (depending on type of bacteria and fermentation conditions) suitable for all molecular biology applications.

For the isolation of genomic DNA from FFPE paraffin embedded tissue slides yielding highly purified genomic DNA suitable for all molecular biology applications. The ideal product to combine with BioEcho’s non-hazardous EchoFLOW FFPE Paraffin Removal Solution.